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Let's color Babylon

"Until the philosophy which hold one race uperior and another inferior is finally and permanently discredited and abandoned, everywhere is war, me say war.
That until there no longer first class and second class citizens of any nation, until the color of a man's skin is of no more significance than the color of his eyes, me say war.
That until the basic human rights are equally guaranteed to all without regard to race, dis a war. That until that day, the dream of lasting peace,world citizenship, rule of international morality, will remain in but a fleeting illusion to be pursued, but never attained.
Now everywhere is war" (War - Bob Marley)

Let's chant down Babylon with music!

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Radio libera senza publicità, per menti che vogliono condividere emozioni e pensieri.
Solo musica, no politica o sport.
Per riempire queste giornate di libertà limitata. Evasione dal quotidiano.
E può essere la volta buona per imparare nuovi ritmi di vita a causa della tragedia che stiamo vivendo.

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Let's color Babylon

Get on board and join us to play music together! United we stand, united we win.

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